Don’t be fuelish

Gas Price Heat Map

My family and I are in the midst of a cross-country vacation to visit my in-laws in Colorado.  We took some detours along the way to sight see and have some fun and drove about 2300 miles before arriving in Niwot.

We’re traveling in our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, which has lots of room for all our stuff. It doesn’t get the best of gas mileage (~22mpg) so we want to be sure we’re getting  best gas prices we can find.  I’ve been studying the  “Gas Price Heat Map” on Looking at the map I knew we should wait to get gas in Wyoming instead of buying it in South Dakota.  If I had a smartphone I probably would have known not to buy gas for $3.349 and wait until we got to the station selling it for $3.279, the cheapest I’ve seen it on the entire trip.  Gas prices are changing constantly so check it frequently.  Zoom in far enough on the map and you’ll see prices for individual gas stations so you can easily spot the cheapest place near your location.

GasBuddy is a crowdsourced website that relies on users to supply their data so I’m a regular contributor to the Rochester and Buffalo versions of the site.  GasBuddy also offers interesting stats like how my city ‘s gas prices compare to the national average during the last year (Rochester tends to be 20 cents higher than the national average) and graphs of how prices have moved over time (you can graph up to 6 years of prices) and compare it to other cities tracked by GasBuddy.

You don’t want to be fuelish with your money so be sure to check out GasBuddy.


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