The Entertainment rush

Around this time of year I look through my 2011 Entertainment Book for coupons that I meant to use or forgot about.  The Entertainment Book is usually sold in the late summer/early fall as a fundraiser for schools or sports teams (the 2012 Books are  already available).   The coupons are good until the following fall, so it’s best to buy your book early to get the most usage from it.

Last year I bought 2 Entertainment books, one for Buffalo and one for Rochester.  A couple of weeks ago I went through both books looking for coupons I want to use before their November 1st expiration date.  I also pulled out coupons that were good nationally.  I found Pizza Hut, Burger King and Bucca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant that we don’t have in western NY.  I brought those coupons on our vacation so we can save a few bucks while traveling.

I’m definitely planning to use my Jitter’s drink coupon and Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe coupon for 50% off baked goods (I also have a Groupon for there).  We used a Campobello‘s coupon when we had dinner in Amherst last month.  And I still need to use my Sweet’s Melody‘s coupon but it should be pretty easy since the restaurant is only a 1/2 mile from where I work.

Be sure to check out your Entertainment Book before your coupons expire.


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