Hold for vacation

I don’t have much time to write this week as I’m getting ready to go on vacation.  Besides packing and making lists of things I need to remember to pack I also need to stop some services while I’m gone.  Years ago it would have meant making some phone calls or making an extra stop at lunch or after work.  Nowadays you can stop many services on the Internet, without having to worry about whether the business is open or not.

First on my list is stopping my mail.  I remember when you had to fill out a card with the info and turn it into the your carrier or the post office.  You had to visit the Post Office to get the card and also to turn it in.  To put a hold on your mail temporarily, go to the US Postal Service Hold Mail Service to enter your request.  You can put your request in up to 14 days ahead of time and hold your mail anywhere from 3 to 30 days.

Second is stopping the paper.  The Democrat and Chronicle lets me suspend paper delivery while I’m away.  Just go to the Customer Service section of their website.  You will need to have an online account to use this option.  I made this request in seconds as opposed to the old way which was through an automated voice menu system which was painful to traverse.

If you currently have items listed on selling or swapping sites you’ll want to put your accounts on vacation so no requests come through that you can’t fulfill.  To put those accounts on hold see this post from last year: Go On Vacation.


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