Time’s running out

Every summer I come up with my own personal list of things I want to do that summer. I try to make it a relatively short list so I can do most of the things on my list and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Activities on my to-do-list this year include:

  • Seeing a free concert (did that one, Pat Benatar at Artpark)
  • Making it to happy hour with my old co-workers (did that one, Pelican’s Nest a few weeks ago)
  • Networking with the August Group or Digital Rochester
  • Hitting Corn Hill Arts, Park Avenue or Allentown Arts Festival– I made it to Corn Hill, probably won’t make it to Park Ave this coming weekend.
  • Garden Walk Buffalo – I saw some beautiful yards and beautiful houses this past Saturday.  We also went down to the Erie Basin Marina and had lunch at the Hatch and took a walk by the submarine and ships at the Buffalo Naval & Military park.
  • Biking the canal path to Pittsford. This is planned for next weekend. We’ve biked Spencerport to Brockport and Greece to Spencerport so far this summer as well as a few other trips.
  • See a drive-in movie.  I try to do this every summer. I thought about going last weekend to the Transit Drive-in. They had a great double-header, with two movies I want to see (Cowboys and Aliens and Harry Potter), but I just couldn’t stomach the times (9:30pm first movie and 11:45 for the second).  I’ll have to wait until September when the movies start a lot earlier.

I don’t have much time to fit everything in before the summer will be over, but I still feel good about the things I did accomplish.  Start planning those summer to-dos before time runs out.


4 thoughts on “Time’s running out

  1. I didn’t make a punch list for the summer – though it’s not a bad idea. But I have definitely been getting out more and really enjoying myself this summer, which is good. Lots of things to do in the Rochester area. The Vintage Drive-In has been running some good movies but, like you, the times are too late for me.

  2. Punch list. That’s the word I was looking for. I kept wanting to call it a bucket list but that’s for things you want to do before you die. I’m not ready for that yet. 😉

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