Bye bye Borders

I know I contributed to their downfall.  I am one of many who rarely buy books in retail stores.  But it still hurts to know that Borders stores will soon be gone forever, just like CompUSA and Circuit City.  (I just found out their website will still be in business.)

I’ve always been a reader.  I fell in love with books when I was young and still love a good book, be it in paperback or audio format.  When I was young my main source of books was the library.  I would occasionally get a new Nancy Drew hardcover for my birthday to add to my collection.  As one of five kids my parents weren’t about to shower us with new books.

As I grew older and got a real job I could afford to buy books occasionally, but I always bought them discounted or at a local used book store.  As I grew older and more frugal I started trading books with friends and family and picking them up at garage sales.  I almost never buy a book because I look for the audiobook from my library or I request it through Swap or PaperbackSwap. I’m patient enough to wait until the book I want is available.  My kids, on the other hand, are not.  So occasionally I’ll out and buy the next book in a series they’re reading.  I loved Borders free Rewards program where they emailed me weekly coupons, sometimes for up to 50% off.  I always waited for these great deals before spending my money at a store.

Even though Borders wasn’t the closest and most convenient book store to visit it was my favorite.  There was something about the ambiance that drew me.  Shopping in a book store always made me feel like a kid in a candy store. The Borders in Henrietta had just celebrated it’s 21st and last birthday a few weeks ago.  I remember standing in line at the store with my son at midnight one year to get our copy of the latest Harry Potter book.

You might want to check things out before they close for good.  Borders, unlike other retailers, is honoring their gift cards and Borders Rewards PLUS members’ additional discounts during the liquidation.   Borders is showing some class, even as it sinks into oblivion.


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