Check out the Market

I lived in Rochester over 20 years before I made my first visit to the Rochester Public Market.  I had heard from friends how great it was but for some reason never took the time to go downtown and check it out.  I had my local farm markets in Chili (there are two) on the weekends so why did I need to go downtown?  Well I wish I would have started going years earlier.

My husband and I visited the Market a few weeks ago looking for fresh produce.  I found a lot of produce but we also found other items.  The Market has a lot to offer besides fruits and vegetables.  We found some authentic maple syrup which my husband had never had before.  We also bought some beautiful hydrangea plants for our garden.  There are fresh baked goods, seafood and spices.   There’s locally made meats,  cheeses and pasta.  There are also a few wineries that sell at the Market.  It’s a wonderful one-stop shop for your culinary needs.

The Market also has non-food items like  women’s casual clothing or baseball hats.  There’s something for everyone at the Market.  And if you can’t wait to eat until you get home, there are options for eating on site: bags of fresh kettle korn, breakfast empanadas at Juan and Maria’s Empanada Stop, a cup of coffee at Boulder Coffee, and Polish/Ukrainian food at Cherrys European.

The Market is open year-round on

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Saturdays from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I recommend going early for better parking and the best selection of goods, or go late in the day to pick up bargains from vendors who want to unload items.  I also suggest bringing re-usable grocery bags or something else to easily carry your merchandise because you’ll likely buy more than you planned.  I have a fold up rolling cart I bring for days I really plan on loading up.  Bring cash because most vendors don’t accept credit cards though many accept EBT Market food tokens.

The Market hosts other special events, like Community Garage Sales on Sundays, Flower City Days in the spring, Night Markets Bands on the Bricks in the summer and the Holiday Market.

I didn’t realize how great we had it here in Rochester until the Rochester Public Market won the 2010 America’s Favorite Farmers Market contest.  If you’ve never been to the Rochester Public Market make plans to go soon.  You won’t believe what you’ve been missing.

3 thoughts on “Check out the Market

  1. The Rochester Public Market ranks right up there with the likes of Fort Worth, Dallas, Munich, Teheran, Rome, Jerusalem and hundreds of public markets and bazaars in smaller cities all over this globe.

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