Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

It’s a common sight in the spring and summer to see garage sale signs posted on telephone poles, street signs and stop signs.  I’ve noticed that some people are getting a little more creative with the materials they use.

If you can, pick a material that’s impervious to wind and rain, so you can post your sign days in advance and be sure the sign is still there at the time of the sale.  You also want to be sure signs are well attached so they don’t blow away.  The choice of sign material and what you’re adhering it to will determine how best to attach it.  I’ve been known to use cheap clear packing tape to criss-cross the sign to the sign post in a 3-D figure eight.

Last year, someone in my neighborhood used tote lids, both large and small, to make their signs and used screws and bolts to attach them to sign posts.  Those signs weren’t going anywhere.  I thought it was very creative, though I wouldn’t recommend it unless you don’t plan on using those lids again since they now have a hole or two in them as well as writing on them.

In the last year, I’ve seen both vinyl and wooden siding used for signs.  Both are rigid enough to withstand inclement weather and make good sign material.   They would also be easy to nail into a telephone pole.

A good way to attach signs to sign posts is to use cable ties aka tie-wraps since the posts have holes at regular intervals.    This means you need to create one or two holes in the sign near the edges so the tie can reach.

Here are some more tips for creating signs  and advertising your sale.  Garage Sale Finder also has some good tips on making signs.  Just be sure to take your signs down when the sale is over.

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