More Ways to Give it Away

Since this coming Saturday, May 14, is Give Your Stuff Away Day, I thought I’d suggest alternative options for redistributing items you own but no longer want.  You can post your free items on Craigslist (there’s a Free category under For Sale ) or  Freecycle and let them know they can find the items at the curb. If you’re having a garage sale it’s always good to have some items to give away for free.

There are other choices less obvious choices for giving items away, some of which I found in the May 2011 issue of Family Circle magazine.

Books – Try donating them to your local library book drive where they’ll be sold and the proceeds will go to support the library.  You can also donate books  to schools through’s Swap4Schools program.  There’s an organization, Books for Africa,  dedicated to sending books to children in Africa.
Furniture Habitat for Humanity‘s Restores resale outlets accepts donations of building materials and other household items.    You may also be able to donate some of your furniture items to local agencies like the Goodwill and Volunteers of America.  They may even come to pick it up.
Cellphones–  The Wireless Foundation collects and recycles unwanted wireless devices otherwise destined for the landfill.    Cell Phones for Soldiers takes donated cell phones and sells then to a recycler and uses the money to buy talk time for soldiers.  You can print a pre-paid mailing label on either site.
Computer equipment and software– The National Cristina Foundation directs donations of used computer equipment to non profit organizations, schools, and public agencies throughout the United States.  Computer donations benefit Computers with Causes charity organization in the United States. Their charity Computer Donation program participates in a zero-waste recycling program

Do a little homework and you might find a great new home for those items you don’t want.


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