Prepare to Pay More

The remainder of the 2011 US Postal Rate increases went into effect yesterday, April 17.  Priority and Express mail rates increased in January and remain unchanged.  The cost for a 1 oz First Class stamp is also unchanged.

The biggest changes are in the rates for First Class Parcel, which covers thicker (> .25 inches) items up to 13 oz.  I usually ship via First Class Parcel for items like CDs and DVDs since they are lightweight but too thick for regular first class rates.  Books tend to be heavier and are usually cheaper to ship via Media Mail.  A typical CD with case, booklet and back insert weighs about 5 oz.  If your item weighs more than 7 oz. it’s cheaper to ship via Media Mail if it’s a CDs, DVDs or books.  I’ve been told that video games don’t qualify for Media Mail rates.   The USPS will occasionally inspect Media Mail items to be sure they qualify for the discounted rate.

New postal rates

So for those of you who ship small items, be prepared to pay more.

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