Shred even the small stuff

I’m very excited that Dorothy Madden, founder and owner of ORGANIZE IT!, a professional organizing company has agreed to write another guest blog.


Professional Organizer Dorothy Madden

Dorothy Madden

Looking for a cost-effective and convenient solution for shredding your papers?  Look no further than your local OfficeMax!

Last year OfficeMax partnered with Shred-it, a global leader in secure document destruction, to provide shredding services for individual consumers and small businesses. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially the environment because the shredded materials get recycled.

Don’t let your piles collect at home! Regardless of how much or how little you have, just box your papers neatly, load them in your car and drive to your local OfficeMax. Your papers (including staples and paper clips) are weighed before shredding. Currently the cost is 59 cents per pound.

An OfficeMax ImPress associate inserts your papers into a locked container behind the counter (you can watch) and only Shred-it has the key. Shred-it’s truck comes every couple of weeks (more often if needed) and a bonded, insured Shred-it representative shreds the papers on-site within the Shred-it truck. Learn more at:  OfficeMax secure document shredding.

There are five OfficeMax locations from Rochester to Lockport and nine in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area. For a location close to you, see the OfficeMax store locator. So where’s the catch? There is none.  However, it is recommended that you call the store before going to confirm there is room in the Shred-it containers.  They fill up fast!

As you prepare your taxes, you may find you have old information to shred. Or you may just be in the mood to get organized and clean out some files, a little at a time. Consider using this easy, affordable, convenient solution available at your local OfficeMax!

Additional resources for Shredding, Recycling/Disposing, Selling, Donating, and Consigning your items may be found at

Dorothy Madden, a professional organizer in Rochester since 1997, is the founder and owner of ORGANIZE IT! She helps people create orderly solutions for everyday life in their offices and homes. Learn more at .  You can contact Dorothy at 585.381.5511.


4 thoughts on “Shred even the small stuff

  1. A pound of paper is not much… If you are doing some serious cleaning up, and you end up with a huge amount of paper to shred, and you live in New York State, check out this list:
    I know that the people at will shred 15 bankers boxes of paper for $50. My guess is that one box can hold between 20 and 30 pounds of paper (that’s just from carrying them around, I did not put them on a scale).

  2. Are you SURE there are OfficeMax locations in Rochester? It was my understanding that they had all been closed a year or two ago, with only Buffalo remaining as a New York State location of OfficeMax stores.

    • Chris,

      All of the Office Depot stores closed in Rochester but there are plenty of OfficeMax locations. There are still a few Office Depot stores in Buffalo. There is an OfficeMax in Southtown Plaza, where the Planet Fitness I go to is.


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