Making the most of your Netflix account

My ex-co-worker Rick pointed me to a great article from PC World magazine in response to my post on why I love Netflix.  I always try to maximize the value I get out of my purchases, so the article,  10 Netflix Power Tools: Optimize Your Viewing Experience, helps me get a better understanding of how well I’m doing with Netflix and gives me some tips for getting even more out of my account.

The sites that really caught my interest are

  • FeedFlix, which told me I had rented 272 movies since October 2005 and that on average I’ve been paying $1.35 per DVD and $.68 per instant watch movie, based on my $8.99 1-out-at-a-time plan.  I’m averaging 7.3 DVDs per month.  The site told me that 5 of 196 titles in my Instant Queue will expire in 2 weeks.  I can easily get some of the same info on Netflix, but Feedflix puts it all together on one page making it easier for me to digest in a glance.  (Click on the pic below to see an enlarged copy of it.)

  • InstantWatcher for users who want to traverse and explore Netflix’s catalog of streaming titles more efficiently and painlessly.  We’re trying to take more advantage of the Instant movies and this site will help.
  • WhichFlicks– a “recommendation” engine which helps you refine your movie search by criteria like Netflix rating, genre, MPAA rating and release date.  It can be painful to search for movies on Netflix so I see myself using this site a lot. I used this site the other night to find a movie for my husband and I to watch.

Do you know of other good sites out there to help people get the most out of their Netflix account?


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