Recycling your electronics in WNY

I got a lot of good comments on LinkedIn about my blog post regarding Reusing your old PCs. There were a lot of suggestions on where to recycle your unwanted electronics so I thought I’d post some of those links to make it easier for people to find the information.

  • In Monroe County there are multiple locations that accept old electronics. You can find them on the Monroe County web site on the Electronics Recycling page.  Greater Rochester area ABVI-Goodwill stores will accept most electronics for recycling.
  • The Erie County website does not have a lot of information on its Computer Recycling page.  In fact, besides links to other websites, it tells you to email them to find out where to take your electronic waste.  It does have a link to the US EPA Plug-In to eCycling Partners site where you’ll find out that retailers like Best Buy & Staples will accept some electronics (tvs, cell phones and computers) for recycling.
  • Niagara County does not have a specific electronics recycling page.  To find information,  go to their Other Recycling page where you’ll find out that Electronics can be taken to the Niagara County Landfill & Recycling Center for FREE, with the exception of computer monitors, televisions, and laptops, for which there is an $8 charge.

Someone mentioned that Costco will take some electronics as well but unfortunately we don’t have those in western New York.

Plug-In To eCycling Partners


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