Consider prepaid

If one of your new year’s goals is to save money, you might want to consider switching to a prepaid or pay as you go cell plan.  The number of options have exploded as people got sick of 2 year commitments.  There are plans to fit all kinds of needs, including text and data and even plans for smart phones.

You need to evaluate plans based on your needs and compare them to traditional ones.  Prepaid plans are not for everyone.  This article outlines the pros and cons of prepaid cell phone plansPrepaid Reviews provides summaries of all major plans and offers tools to compare the plans‘ features and offers recommendations on the best plans for different types of typical users.

Our first cell phone was a TracFone that we only used for emergencies.  The TracFone was a basic phone that worked with a prepaid plan.  This worked for our needs for a number of years.  Then we got to the point where we needed a second phone so my husband researched the plans and we went with Sprint this time. This plan gave us better coverage west of the Mississippi, which would be an advantage when we went to visit his family in Colorado, but it was still a prepaid phone.

Eventually I was ready for a new phone and I went with one from Cingular.  AT&T bought out Cingular so now my phone is considered a GoPhone.  I pay $25 every 90 days which gets me about 100 minutes with my 25 cents/minute plan.  What I like about my plan is that if I don’t use my minutes they roll over.  My cell phone costs me a little over $8 per month.  I don’t really text or use the phone a lot so this plan works well for me.  My husband has a similar plan from Virgin Mobile, which uses the Sprint network and costs about $7 per month.

The next time your contract is up, take the time to consider a different kind of plan.  You might be surprised by what you find.


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