Why Target keeps me coming back

There are a lot of reasons to shop at Target:

1)      Easy returns – Target seems to have the quickest in-store return process.  Hand over the receipt for an item bought within the last 90 days and it’s as simple as scanning the barcode on the receipt, scanning the UPC code for the item, hitting a few buttons and your return receipt is printed in just a few minutes with the credit going back on the credit card you bought the item with or the cashier handing you your cash refund.  If you don’t have your receipt (which seems to happen even though I try to save every receipt I might ever need), just hand over the credit card you used to purchase the item and they can quickly verify that you bought the item and for what price.  Talk about no hassle returns.    It’s also that easy to return an item purchased on-line at Target.com.

I do realize there are stores with more lenient return policies but I love Target for streamlining the return process.

2)      The Target REDcard – I blogged last month about the benefits of the Target REDcard so I won’t repeat myself, but one thing I wanted to point out is that the 5% discount is immediate, no waiting for my credit statement to come to get a credit to my account for the discount.  The 5% is taken of my purchase at the checkout, online or in store.

3)      Great customer service –On Thanksgiving I bought a new GPS on Target.com, a Garmin Nuvi 1450LMT, which has lifetime maps and traffic, in order to avoid the Black Friday crowds.  This item retailed for $319 and was marked down to $159 in the Black Friday ad, a 50% discount.   I snagged it, but a couple of days later I got a notification from Target telling me that the ad had incorrectly listed the unit as having Bluetooth, which it didn’t.  The email told me that Target was canceling my order, but in case I was still interested in it they had reserved one for me for 2 days and because of the hassle, they were offering an additional discount of $19, bringing the GPS down to $140!  I went ahead and snagged it because using my redCARD to purchase it I brought the entire price down to $133, a 58% discount.  I was happy to save another $20.

I have other reasons for shopping at Target but these reasons keep me coming back.


2 thoughts on “Why Target keeps me coming back

  1. Michele,

    It’s nice to hear a good customer service story. I agree, Target does do quick returns.

    Other stores, like Joann’s and A.C. Moore should take a lesson. I had to return something at Joann’s and purchase something else and the woman at the return desk did my return, and made me get in line for the new purchase instead of doing it all at once. The stupid thing is, because the lone cashier was busy, I wound up going back to the return desk anyway.
    At A.C. Moore, they had a paper sign on the return register (which looks like all the rest of the registers) and the sign was bent, so I got in that line, got called down to another register and had to go back to the first register because the manager was a that one. If Michael’s ever starts selling fabrics they will put both A.C. Moore and Joann’s out of business because they have better customer service — and they give you coupons when you cash out.

    I also like Hobby Lobby– it’s a decorator’s paradise, they have friendly people and excellent customer service.

    I wish they were on the West side of Monroe County, because I would actually apply to work there because they’re closed on Sunday and you get to listen to Christian music all day.

    • Yvonne

      The times I’ve had to return things at JoAnn’s I’ve always had good luck. I think sometimes it depends upon the person working and is not a general problem with the store or their policies. I have no complaints with AC Moore but don’t remember having to return anything.

      I’ve only had the opportunity to go in Hobby Lobby once since I am a westsider as well.


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