Develop a Game Plan

By now, if you’re a serious Black Friday (BF) shopper, you would have at least taken a look at the ads for Friday’s sales on or some other Black Friday site. As I wrote in last month’s BF post, you’ve got to scope out the deals in advance.  We’re only days away from the big event. This is my suggested game plan.

  • Now through Wednesday – peruse all the ads and come up with a list of items you’re going to make an effort for.  Compare the prices to online prices to see if you can save yourself some sleep by finding the same, or  a better deal with less hassle.
  • Thursday – get up early to hit the sales at Kmart and Sears, and any other stores open Thanksgiving.  Check out the online versions of stores you’re planning to hit on Friday to see if any of the items are already on sale online.  Last year I snagged some CDs on the Best Buy website on Thanksgiving, saving me from having to go to that store.  Best Buy also has the ship to store option which lets you order online and pick up the item in the store.  That’s the best of both worlds: hassle free online ordering with the gratification of getting your item right away.
  • Thursday night – figure out who’s hitting which stores when.  My husband and I usually split up for the early bird offers, especially if there are multiple stores involved.  He’s also better at getting up early than I am.  Of course, you might hit Toys R Us tonight since they’re one of the few stores opening Thanksgiving evening (10pm).
  • Friday morning (wee hours) – go to the first store in your list and stand in line (if you decide to get there before they open).  Come prepared for the weather and to be in line for a while.  I usually skip this step.  I wake up when I wake up and get to the stores early, but have no desire to stand in line.  There are plenty of people willing to do that.  To me it’s not worth it.
  • Friday morning (after the sun has risen) – meet up with the rest of your party for a quick breakfast and to figure out what other places need to be visited.
  • Friday morning (late) – go home and rest.
  • Monday – Shop Cyber Monday to get all the items you missed out on Friday.

Hopefully by then you’ve got the worst of the BF bug out of your system and you can continue the holiday shopping at a less frenzied pace, knowing you got some good deals and real steals.

For more Black Friday tips see 18 Tips to Having a Killer Black Friday


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