Target a REDcard

If you like to shop at Target and you pay off your credit card bills each month, you might want to sign up for a Target REDcard. I don’t want to encourage people to use credit if they don’t already, but the REDcard has some benefits that are hard to pass up.

Your REDcard credit card now earns you a 5% discount on all purchases at Target stores and on  One of my favorite benefits is that Target will donate 1% of your purchases from Target to the designated school of your choice.  Target has a great reputation for helping out in the community and it’s great that the customer gets a say in where the money goes to.  With the Target Pharmacy Rewards, if you use your Target credit card to fill 5 prescriptions, you’ll earn the chance to save an additional 5% on a single day on top of the usual 5% savings.

If you’re already a Target VISA card holder you already qualify for these same rewards.  So be sure to use your Target credit card the next time you shop at the store.

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