Check out those end-caps

In most of my favorite stores I go hunting for clearance signs. Each store has their own method for marking down merchandise to unload it.  When I’m in Aldi, I keep my eyes peeled for red signs which differ from the normal yellow sign.  Red signs mean items are marked down and because Aldi doesn’t do sales, the red signs usually mean they’re trying to unload an item to make way for the next one.  Since Aldi items are already value priced, I’m getting a better deal when I can get an item on clearance.

Kohl’s approach is more in-your-face.  Signs hawking 60%, 70% and 80% off attract me like a fly to a lightbulb.  I rarely buy anything full price at this store.  I especially love the fact that I can apply a coupon to clearance items and get an even better deal.  I’ve bought items at 10-20% of the original, albeit inflated, price which makes me a happy shopper.

When I shop at Sam’s Club, I’m always on the lookout for bargains.  Generally Sam’s Club prices are good to begin with so if I can find items that have reduced prices I feel satisfied that I got a good deal.  One thing I noticed, and confirmed with some internet research, is if the price of an item at Sam’s ends with a “1” then that’s the lowest price an item will go.  (One site even said that this price is less than Sam’s cost.) I’ve picked up some great deals at Sam’s Club over the years, especially after the holidays.  It’s a great time to shop for toys and seasonal items.  I’ve gotten some incredible deals over the years stoking up for future birthdays and holidays.There’s also an area in the back of the store where they have open-package or returned items available at reduced prices.

Lately, every time I go in Target, I head to the back of the aisles to look at items on the back end-caps.  End-caps are the display area at the end of an aisle.  Target’s method is to place clearance items on the back end-caps.  The other day I was in the store with my twelve-year-old and she said she wanted to go check out the end-caps to see if we can find any bargains.  I was so proud of her.  Of course, it is hit or miss on whether you find will any clearance items there and if you do whether they’ll be a bargain.  Usually for me a bargain is something that’s priced is reduced by 40% or more. Sometimes Target’s clearance items are only reduced 10-30%.  I don’t consider those bargains.

Do you know where to find clearance bargains in your favorite store?s

2 thoughts on “Check out those end-caps

  1. I’m not convinced that most of Sams Club prices are all that great. Compared to just wandering into any ol’ store and grabbing what they have off the shelf, yup… Sams beats them hands down (as long as you can actually use 3 pounds of garlic powder before it turns into one solid mass). I personally shop combining store sales and coupons (especially powerful at stores that double). Most things are FAR cheaper than Sams prices when bought that way. Next up is shopping at the military commissary (obviously everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to do this)… Sams is sort of a last resort for me… except for their rotisserie chickens. Can’t beat $5 for a whole cooked bird!

    I love to combine either the Kohls Cash or the discount for using my Kohls card with their sales (clearance and otherwise). Awesome deals that way!

    • Valerie,

      I completely agree with about Sam’s Club. Just because something’s cheaper when you buy 10 times as much as you need, does not make it a good deal. I have certain items I can get there cheaper than anywhere else and they’re not monster size items: contact lens, flavored syrups for my coffee, blackberries. We also get our gas there. We can get $5 rotisserie chicken at our local grocery store so I don’t usually buy that at Sam’s. We belong to both Sam’s and BJ’s. If we had to narrow it to one I’d pick BJ’s but my husband would pick Sam’s.

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