Now’s the time

If you’ve been considering joining a health club now now that the weather is turning cooler, you might want to check out Planet Fitness. About twice a year (April and October) Planet Fitness offers some   really great deals on memberships.  Right now, for just $10 down, you pay just $10 per month. 

I belong to the Planet Fitness in Henrietta.  When I joined 1 1/2 years ago, the club in SouthTown Plaza was the closest to where I lived.   Now there is a club in Gates, but I still like going to Henrietta since I can run my errands while I’m there.  With the $10 a month plan you need to commit to a single club.  In the Rochester area, there are also clubs in Irondequoit and Greece.  I’ve been hoping a PF would open in Buffalo near where I work, but unfortunately there’s only a club in West Seneca, which is pretty far.

The nice thing about the Planet Fitness special is that there is no commitment.  If you’re a fair weather exerciser, join and go until the weather warms up next spring.  It will cost you less than $100.    Or if you have a home gym that that doesn’t have all of the equipment you need, then join PF to supplement your workout.

The special runs through October 14th.  Now’s the time to make a move.  Where else can you pay so little and get  so much?


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