It’s a good time to become a locavore

I hadn’t heard the term locavore until this year. Locavores are people who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food. This summer I listened to the audio-book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, author Barbara Kingsolver and family’s memoir of a year spent trying to eat only local foods.  They had taken the locavore thing to a whole different level.

Early fall is a great time to buy local foods.  There are plenty of farm markets in local towns that make it easy by bringing local foods to the center of town.  I’m lucky to have two local farm markets near me, one in Chili Center and one in North Chili, however they’re both on Saturday mornings making me wish they’d coordinate it so we could spread the wealth by having them on different days. I know some other local markets are held on different days so you may find one to go to mid-week and another one to hit on the weekend.  You can check out the NY State Department of Agriculture’s website for a list of farm markets by county.  You can find listings for Monroe, Erie and Niagara counties there. Buying in-season foods locally saves money and energy, so it’s a smart move.

When I plan on doing some major cooking and eating, I’ll make a trip down to the Rochester Public Market, voted best in the US, which has a great selection of produce, though not all locally grown.  Be sure to bring something to carry your finds to your car because you’ll more than likely buy more than you can comfortably carry.  I have a little wheeled cart I bring to drag behind me with my finds. Even better, the Public Market is open year round.   There’s something for everyone at the Public Market.

So go ahead, see if you can become more of a locavore.


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