Having fun in the name of charity

Yesterday my daughter and I had a blast during the 3rd Annual Rochester Zombie Walk. The Zombie Walk is organized by Sample Soap, a non-profit that collects and distributes toiletry items to the needy.  For the price of donating some new personal items, volunteers turned us into zombies. This was a family-friendly event with kids welcome.

Zombified me

Groups of us then headed off to the Rochester Public Market for the Artist Row event, where local artists were displaying and selling their wares.  It was fun wandering the through the crowds and stalls dressed as zombies.  People gave us strange looks and occasionally people would ask why there were Zombies at the event.  I would then tell them about Sample Soap.  Since people probably wouldn’t recognize us under our makeup we were free to act zombie-ish (foolish).  We had lots of fun with it.  My daughter and I are already talking about who we’re going to bring with us to next year’s event.  Check out the group’s page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/roczombie.

Another case where charity and fun meet up for me is wine tasting events put on as fundraisers.  There are some soccer teams in Chili that throw wine tasting events twice a year.  The teams keep the $10 admission price and the local liquor store gets great advertising for the products they carry.  I look forward to these events since I can usually find friends to join me in tasting some new wines.

It’s always great when you can have fun and benefit a charity at the same time.   Do you regularly attend any charitable events because of how fun they are?


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