Garage Sale Finder

Have you ever wanted to quickly find garage sales located near you? You can try looking in the classifieds in your local paper, in hard copy or on-line. You might also try Craigslist. It’s hard to tell at a glance which ones might be close and which ones are further away.

Garage Sale Finder (GSF) has a great tool, the Garage Sale Finder Map, which shows all of the sales closest to the zip code you enter.  The map shows color coded flags for all of the sales, which indicate the type of sale: individual, multi-family, estate, group/charity or neighborhood.  Click on a flag to get details on the sale.  This is usually the description from Craigslist, or whatever source GSF found the sale at.  You can also add the sale to your route and use the My Route tool to get directions from home to each of the sales.  Yyou can download the list of garage sales to your GPS  if you like.  GSF lets you select which days you want to see sales from to narrow your search to sales that are open on Friday, for instance.

Garage Sales near zip code 14624

GSF appears to get most of the sales off Craigslist.  People can enter their sales directly into GSF if they like.

I’m a visual person so I find the Map tool the easiest way to judge if there are any garage sales near home or work.  The next time you’re in the mood to hit some sales, first check out Garage Sale Finder.


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