Have you scored a Groupon yet?

I scored my first Groupon last week and my second one today.  I had heard about this site a while back but they finally “went live” in the Rochester and Buffalo areas last week.  I’m actually registered for both locations since I work in Buffalo and live in Rochester.

Each day, Groupon features a sweet deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a given city. By promising businesses a minimum number of customers, they get decent deals.  My first Groupon was a $20 certificate to Lovin’ Cup in Park Point at RIT for the price of $20.  They only needed 20 people to get in on the deal to seal it.  They got over 300!  Today I got a $10 certificate to Sweet Melody’s for $5.  Sweet Melody’s is known for their gelato but I love their wraps, paninis and soup.  They’re located less than a mile from where I work in south Lockport.  Both coupons expire in January so I have plenty of time to use them. 

Sign up for deals in your city now.  If they don’t have your city, still register with the site so that when they do come to where you live, you’ll be one of the first to hear about the deals.


2 thoughts on “Have you scored a Groupon yet?

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