Revealing my sources

I know some of you probably wonder how I hear about some of the deals I blog about.  I thought this might be a good time to turn you onto one of my best sourcesfor freebies and good deals: Moms Who Save.
I first heard about Moms Who Save on Momster, an online community for Moms.  I joined some discussion groups focusing on saving money and free offers.  There are many users who post good deals on the groups on Momster, but user MomWhoSave was consistently posting good deals, along with links to other good deals on her site.  A few times I’ve passed those same good deals along to others.  I’ve definitely become a fan.  I especially love the Moms Who Save Blog.  Moms Who Save is also on Facebook, which is where I tend to come across good deals most often.
So go ahead and  check it out, even if you’re not a Mom!

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