Up the Woot Ante

You may have already heard this news, but one of my favorite bargain sites , Woot, got acquired by Amazon. I blogged about this site in December, because even if you’re not in the market to buy anything, it’s fun to read the highly entertaining product descriptions.

I had mixed feelings when I heard the news.  I am happy that the companies’ success brought it far enough that one of the internet behemoths decided to gobble it up.  I have my reservations about how that same behemoth might unduly influence Woot and cause it to lose its uniqueness.

Woot, in typical Woot fashion, has released a music video to trumpet the announcement.  I found it to be catchy and entertaining (no surprise there).  Check it out at You Tube: We Got Acquired by Amazon.
Congratulations Woot!  Only time will tell if this will still be the same company I love years from now.


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