Buck Up

Lately my husband has been coming home excited about bargains he’s found at a local store. It used to be he would only get this excited when he came home from Harbor Freight Tools with the latest find.  Lately he’s been this way after a trip to the Dollar Tree store, a store that sells everything for a dollar or less.  He’s amazed at the bargains he finds for just a buck.

It used to be that we considered dollar stores as sellers of junk, but after a couple of trips in there we found useful items at a reasonable price.  There are still items I wouldn’t spend a buck on, but I can usually find items that I’m willing to spend a $1 on.  My husband bought each of our kids a mini 8-in-l screwdriver so they could have their own personal one to do with as they wish.  I’ve found wall stickers for my daughter to decorate her bedroom with.  She was ecstatic and I was happy with the small expense that allowed her some freedom to decorate her room.

Lately we come up with more finds at the store that I find useful or which are cheaper versions of items I can find elsewhere.  I got a splatter screen with a knob in the middle which works better than the one I had with a long handle which had a tendency to slide off the pan.  It’s a great place to shop for party goods, if you’re attending or giving a party.  They have great deals on gift bags, gift cards and bows.  And if you’re throwing the party, I buy inexpensive napkins and silverware to coordinate with the themed plates I buy at the party store; a good compromise that saves some money.  You can also buy helium filled balloons to bump up the festivity quotient.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dollar Tree also has reading glasses in varying magnifications.  I’m always someplace where I can’t find my glasses or don’t have a pair.  For a buck, I picked up a bunch of them to stash in all the likely places I might need them.

You can buy food storage containers and bags.  I’ve used the containers to store parts for jewelry making and scrap-booking, as well as for my kids lunches.  They’re very handy.  The bags, of course, come in handy for all sorts of things, including grouping items at garage sales.   I’ve also bought 4 packs of nail files which I use for jewelry making and stashing in my purse, work desk, car and bathroom.    Sometimes they have cute scrap-booking paper sets or decorations.  You never know when you go in what you might find.

I know my sister was happy to find a 3-pack of watch batteries.  One time I found a really nice shower squeegee. I went back and got a couple more so that when the first one goes I have replacements.  My husband finds good snacks, including the original size cans of Pringles which are hard to locate these days.  My dental hygienist recommended I stop in to get some Plackers dental brushes, teeny tiny brushes you use to clean between your teeth.

Just take a tour up and down the aisles some day to see what treasures you might find.  Let me know what you discover.


7 thoughts on “Buck Up

  1. I admit I was skeptical…. but the description of some of those kitchen gadgets like splatter screen sounds interesting! Also not a bad place for some office supplies like paperclips; found some cool striped ones. I’ll be back!

    • Lisa
      There are definitely items at the Dollar Tree that I don’t think are worth the 100 pennies, but it’s fun to find useful items there.

      I forgot to mention the office supplies in my blog. This is definitely a great place to visit for back to school supplies. The stationary items are reasonably priced.


  2. yea you just have to watch the ounces and weights 🙂 I find a lot of the packaging at DT to be “smaller” varieties…..and if you were to say, go to WM, you could likely find the product for a couple pennies more, but for a “bigger” bottle, and a better deal 🙂

    Though I can’t pass up their Mr Plumber drain opener or the LA’s Totally Awesome – it works wonders around the house, outside the house, for the car (detailing), etc…:) And the only place I’ve found that sells it…..

    • Adam

      I agree that not everything’s a great deal at the Dollar Tree. But sometimes you just want a little bit of something and you can’t go wrong for a buck.


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