Go On Vacation

Since this is the week of the garage sale, I am moving most of my inventory (items I’m trying to sell/swap) to the sale.  I’ll be tied up all week preparing, so my items and I are not really available this week.  This means I need to go on vacation!

Well I’m not really going on vacation, but I need to change the settings on many of my sites to indicate I’m unavailable to sell or swap.  Most sites make it easy for you to set up your account so that your items don’t show as available when you do go away.  This is usually a “vacation” setting.

On Half.com you’ll find the setting under My AccountSelling > Vacation  Settings.  Select the Leave for Vacation button to put your account on hold.  When you “return” from vacation, go to the same spot and select the Return from Vacation button to reactivate your account. On Amazon, you can find a similar setting by selecting Your Seller Account > Store Settings > Vacation Settings > Listing Status > Start Your Vacation.

On Swap, they call the process, Pausing Your Account.  To Pause Your Account, select My account > Account Info tab > Account status > pause account. You will have 3 options for getting an email reminder to reactivate your account:  remind me in a set number of days, remind me on a certain date or don’t remind me.   I like this feature since sometimes I forget to go back and reactivate my accounts after being on vacation.

On the sister sites Paperbackswap, SwapaDVD and SwapaCD, you get to your vacation settings by navigating to My Account > Vacation Hold.  This will hide your posted items as well as your Wish List items.    With these sites you specify a start and end date for the hold.  This is nice because you can set the hold up ahead of time and don’t have to worry about remembering to do it at the last minute.

When the garage sale is over I’ll need to inventory the items I have left and go to each site and update the list of items I have for sale or swap.  Then I can repeat the whole process to return from vacation!


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