Get Set

I’m almost ready for this year’s garage sale. I’m not hosting it, my sister is. Her neighborhood has an annual sale which brings in lots of traffic, which is great, though it also means some competition.  This also means I don’t need to make signs or worry about advertising.  The sale is only 2 weeks away so I’ve really kicked into high gear.

A few weeks ago I started serious sorting and organizing.  I’ve been collecting stuff for the sale throughout the year and stashing it in my basement.  Books, video games, CDs, movies and some toys are currently listed on various selling and swapping sites so they’re already organized so I can easily access them when an item is requested.  When I come across other items that I want to sell or give away, I just stash them in a box in the basement. When the box is full it gets put up in the attic until close to the garage sale date.

This is also the time when I start getting on my kids to give up toys that haven’t played with in a while.   I  enlist them to help me sort through parts and pieces.  Last week, my daughter was very helpful in sorting through her Bratz collection to match accessories and feet with each doll.  Yesterday I had my son put together Lego Bionicle sets to make sure all the pieces are intact.

Once items are sorted I use inexpensive zippered bags from the dollar store to  keep pieces together.  These bags are great because it’s easy to see inside them and you can write the price of an item directly on the bag with a permanent marker.

I’m constantly scouring my house looking for more items to  sell.  Since the sale is at my sis’s house I’m boxing everything up in totes as I group and price them.  The totes work great because I can put them on the ground without worrying about items getting wet.  They can also be flipped upside down to act as tables to put things on.  I’ve got totes full of clothes, some filled with toys and some with household items.

I’m starting to pull out the tables I’m going to use too.  I’m collecting plastic shopping bags for the sale.  You want to make sure you have a big enough supply to make it easier for people to carry their purchases.

Every once in a while I’ll hop online to see how much an item might be going for on Ebay or Amazon.  I’ve posted some items on both sites  since I figure I can get more for them online than I can ask for at a garage sale.  I’ll see if I can get any takers in the next couple of weeks.  If not, I always have the garage sale to fall back on.


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