Sell it online-the easy way

The easiest way to sell an item online is to list it on a site that already has all the product info.  If you’re thinking of starting to sell some items online, then I’d recommend starting with one of these sites: or Amazon. works best when selling items like books, cds, dvds, etc.  Amazon has a much broader product base.  They both make it easy to sell your items online, though the commission structure is dramatically different between the two.  It also free to list items on all of these sites, which means it won’t cost you anything to try them out.

Once you set up a seller account for either site, it’s as easy as 1) finding the item you want to sell on the site (search by ISBN or UPC),  selecting a product quality level, entering a short description of your specific item and setting a price.  Both of these sites have pre-determined shipping allowances for each type of item.  They also supply pictures and general descriptions of the items, which really cuts down on the amount of work you need to do to list your item.  You can see my November 2009 blog post about selling on for specifics of selling on that site.  The item you are selling needs to be listed on their site.  If you have an item that’s not in their catalog then you’ll be unable to list that item.

The same methodology is used on some of the swapping sites.  When I’m ready to get rid of items I generally list them on multiple selling sites and swap sites. For some of the trading sites it’s as easy as entering the UPC or ISBN.  On Swap, you enter the same information as on and Amazon, minus the selling price.

The table below shows where I list items I am getting rid of.  Listing an item on multiple sites means having a better chance of someone buying or trading for it.  For example, if I have a CD I want to sell or swap, I list it on up to four sites: Amazon,, SwapaCD and Swap.  There are probably other sites I could list items on but I’ve limited myself to these.

Product Amazon PBSwap SwapaCD SwapaDVD Swap
Books X X X X
Video games X X X






See my next post for tips on selling and swapping online.


6 thoughts on “Sell it online-the easy way

  1. Hi Michele,
    Great information on where to sell and swap. Why not Ebay with the Buy Now option or run an Auction? I use to use it quite a bit a few years ago, but not recently.

    • Steve

      I also sell on Ebay but I don’t recommend it if you are just getting started. Ebay selling is a lot more involved and time consuming. You need to set up a Paypal account and deal with accepting payment from the buyers, whereas on the other sites, they take care of getting the payment. With Ebay, you potentially need to supply a picture as well as a description, along with info on your item. You usually have to pay to list your item even if it doesn’t sell. Those are the downsides. I do plan on tackling that topic in a future blog post.


  2. Michele,
    Nice job of breaking this function down. One additional site I would use is Craigslist. This is very helpful in that if the item is in high demand, you only need to work with your local area. Cost is $0 and you get a great return. I have used them as “local” and also on other state/city locations as well with great success.

    Hope this helps

    • Greg,

      Definitely look at selling your item locally, though that has its downsides. I use Craigslist a lot to sell items. I like it but there are some items you can get more money for if you sell online. Also, when you sell online, you don’t have to deal with trying to make arrangements to meet up with people which can be difficult when both parties work or are located on opposite sides of the city. The other issue is you get a lot of people who say they are interested in an item but then don’t follow through when you try to make arrangements to meet up with them.


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