Listen Up

I’ve always been a big book reader, but as my life has gotten busier I haven’t had as much time to enjoy my hobby.  As I embarked on my new job 60 miles away from home, I was looking for a way to ease my commute.  My good friend Karl Heinz told me that our local library offered audiobooks to download.  I went to the Monroe County Library website to check it out.

I looked through the library of audiobooks and chose a few books to download to my Zune.   I started with the humorous Shoe Addicts Anonymous, and then moved on to Etta, the fictionalized biography of Etta Place, the Sundance Kid’s girlfriend.  The audiobooks made my 70-minute commute go by quickly. I am now hooked on listening to audiobooks and not just in the car.

Our library has a wide range of audiobooks: biographies, non-fiction, children’s, classics, fiction, mystery, science fiction, etc.  They also have e-books and some music for download.  Audiobooks are available for a variety of popular MP3 players, including those made by Apple and Sandisk.

On the main library webpage select Downloads > Audiobooks and you’ll be taken to the main page for Digital Downloads where you search the available titles.  You will need your library card to access the site and set up an account. You’ll need to install the free OverDrive Media Console software (available on the library website) which will help to manage the digital downloads. When you check an item out of the digital library you can choose how long you want to “keep” it, up to 21 days.

It will probably take you a lot longer to listen to an audiobook than to read it (the books I’ve listened to so far ranged from  just under 3 hours to 12.5 hours).  One of the things I really enjoy about listening to the book is how the narrator acts out by using different voices for different characters.  The narrators always pronounce words correctly, even if a phrase is in a different language.  And some books are even narrated by the author.

If you’re not much of a reader, you might find you like listening to audiobooks.  Go to the Overdrive website to see if your local library offers digital titles to listen to.  I’ve suggested to my daughter, who struggled to read Twilight and only made it halfway through, to try the audio version instead.


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