What to do with that gift card you got for Christmas

So Aunt Emeline gave you a gift card to Starbucks and you don’t even drink coffee or tea.  So what are you going to do with that gift card?  I have lots of suggestions for you.

  • Regift it – Just make sure that Aunt Emeline never gets a whiff that you did it.
  • Sell it or trade it on Craigslist-Search for “gift cards” on craigslist that other people might be trading.  If you don’t see what you like, post your gift card and offer an exchange or sell it for cash.  If selling you might need to discount it so people will buy from you rather than the vendor.
  • Sell it on Ebay – Gift cards for popular stores and restaurants tend to sell for near to face value.  Start bidding low (99 cents) and offer free shipping to entice buyers.
  • Donate it – Some charities look for donations of specific gift cards , like grocery store or office supply store gift cards.  Check with your local charity to see if they will accept your gift card.  Get a receipt so you can deduct the value on your taxes.
  • Trade on Card Hub on Facebook – Become a fan of Card Hub on Facebook and post any cards you want to trade or sell.

There are many gift card sites out there that will buy your cards at a discount and sell discounted cards to you:

  • GiftCardRescue – At this site you can buy discounted gift cards as well as sell your gift cards or merchant credit.  This site will give you anywhere from 60-90% of the face value of the card.   Over the holidays I bought a couple of discounted cards from this site.  You can buy them from 7-18% discounted off face value.  You can even create a wish list of merchants whose cards you are interested in so that when the site receives one they’ll email you.  
  • Plastic Jungle – List gift cards on Plastic Jungle, or cash in cards with a minimum balance of $25 for up to 85% of the card balance. You can also exchange your unwanted or partially used gift cards for purchasing power at stores like Amazon.com, or donate them for the benefit of your favorite nonprofit organization.
  • Swapagift – If your gift card is worth $25 -$200 and the card merchant appears in their Merchant list, they’ll buy it.  They also have merchants you can visit who will give you cash on the spot.  (There are none in western NY unfortunately. )   You can buy giftcards from their sister site giftcards.com.
  • MonsterGiftCard – This site uses a point system which allows customers to buy, sell and trade gift cards with any other client on Monster Gift Card.com.  The point system allows people to make trades with out matching exact values.
  • Giftcarddonor – Gift cards are donated at GiftCardDonor.com and resold on GiftCardsAgain.com.  The charity you choose  receives 75% of the revenue — and you save up to 20% off cards you buy.
They invented a unique “Monster Point” system which allows Monster Gift Card clients the freedom and anonymity to buy, sell and trade gift cards with any other client on Monster Gift Card.com.

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