Are you an Innie or an Outtie (or maybe a little of both)?

I got a trial subscription to a new magazine called ShopSmart, that Consumer Reports is publishing.  Their tagline is No Hype+No Ads + Just Great Buys!  I wasn’t too impressed by the first issue I got.  A lot of it seemed like a rehash of information in Consumer Reports, which I also subscribe to.  I canceled my subscription since it was expensive, $23 for only 6 issues,  and you can find the entire issue online.  In the meantime they had shipped me the March 2010 issue which I found much more interesting than the January issue.


On the cover of the March 2010 issue is a teaser for their article on organizing.  Easy Clutter Control – 48 tips that will work for every room.  I figured the article was right up my alley given my current penchant for decluttering.  Opening up the magazine to read this article I was interested by the grouping of people’s organizational preferences into Innie, Outtie and Hybrid categories. I think I’m an Outtie in my work life; my desk is always covered in papers and notes of things I’m currently working on.  At home, I’m an Innie, mostly putting things out of sight in in nice organized fashion: cooking utensils in drawers and cupboards, jewelry in one of five jewelry cabinets, and scrapbooking supplies in labeled drawers of a plastic organizer.

The ShopSmart article was interesting because it gave tips for staying organized, based on your organizational style.  This is the first time I’ve ever seen organization tips that cater to people’s style.  You can read the article for yourself.   Organize for your Style

What’s your style?


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