Undecorating after the Holidays

Professional Organizer Dorothy Madden

Dorothy Madden

I’m very excited that Dorothy Madden, founder and owner of ORGANIZE IT!, a professional organizing company has agreed to write a few guest blogs to start out the new year.   I hope your New Year is bright!—Michele

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…… well, soon that holly will be crisp and not looking so festive.  Along with the fresh greenery decorations in your home, you may soon dismantle your tree and put away table-top and other holiday decorations, inside and out.

Now is a great time to evaluate if you wish to keep all those items in your life.  Life evolves and just because you loved an item ten years ago, you may love it less today.  Newer, nicer, more special items may have entered your life.  The family heirloom nativity may be a keeper but the tacky Aloha Santa may not be so cherished.  The special ornaments the children made may be sentimental and adorable but the gold and white ball ornaments carry no attachment.

While putting away your holiday decorations, take some time to ask yourself, “Do I still love this item?  Would someone else love it more?  Do I want it to take up space in my basement….in my life?”

Grab this opportunity to decide if you want to keep something or if it’s time to donate it (you’ll support local agencies, please the purchaser, and have a tax deduction), sell it (Craig’s List is easy – check out Michele’s tips!), consign it, recycle it or just plain toss it (you can do it!).

There was a family in the city that for many years decorated nearly every square inch of their corner yard – front, sides, and back.  It was a tradition for many Rochester families to drive to the neighborhood, find a place to park, get out of their cars, and stroll around to see the display.  The owners were very friendly and the sight was amazing!  Finally, last year the owners decided to end the tradition, selling and donating their boxes, bins, and bags of decorations.  They were ready to simplify their lives and gain some much-needed time and space.  After purging the decorations, they actually reclaimed an entire room of their home!

Is now the time for you to reclaim some time and space in your life too?

Dorothy Madden, a professional organizer in Rochester since 1997, is the founder and owner of ORGANIZE IT! She helps people create orderly solutions for everyday life in their offices and homes. Learn more at www.OrganizeIt.biz .  You can contact Dorothy at 585.381.5511.


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