Gas it up

As many of you know, I joined the ranks of the unemployed earlier in 2009.  While searching for a new opportunity I took the time to start this blog.  Blogging was something I had wanted to do for a while.  I’m happy to report that starting in January, I will be working in a temporary position for a successful company.  I’m hoping that the temporary job will turn into something more permanent.  The one downside is that this job is in Lockport, NY, a town that is 65 miles from where I live.  Luckily I am from that area so I have family to stay with when the weather turns bad or if I just don’t want to make the 130-mile round-trip.

With all of the driving I’m going to be doing I want to get the best price on gas.  My Saturn Vue gets about 23 mpg in the best conditions.  I will be relying on GasBuddy, a website with 204 location-specific sites, which displays the cheapest gas prices in the area.  Members post gas prices, helping keep the site up to date with information.  You can easily find the cheapest gas prices in your area.  I frequently visit the Rochester site, RochesterGasPrices, to check whether my neighborhood gas station is just a few pennies or 10-20 cents off the lowest price.

The GasBuddy sites also offer interesting stats like how my city gas prices compare to the national average during the last year (Rochester tends to be 20 cents higher than the national average) and graphs of how prices have moved over time (you can graph up to 6 years of prices) and compare it to other cities tracked by GasBuddy.  My favorite data display is the Gas Price Heat Map, which visually indicates gas prices across the county. I can easily see at a glance that California and NY state are the most expensive places to buy gas and prices are cheapest in the southeast.  Zoom in far enough on this map and you’ll see prices for individual gas stations so you can easily spot the cheapest place near your location.

Next time you fill up on gas you might want to check GasBuddy ahead of time to see if driving an extra mile might save you 10 cents a gallon.


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