Have you ever Wooted at midnight?


The best time to Woot is at midnight (CST) when the inventory changes over.  If you haven’t heard of it, Woot is an internet retailer that sells one item per day until the product runs out or midnight arrives and another item is put up for sale.  You can buy 1-3 quantities of the item and will pay $5 shipping no matter how many you order.   Woot generally sells electronics and electronic houseware items, like Roomba vacuums.

There are many reasons it’s fun shopping on Woot .  The product descriptions are usually humorous and entertaining.  Woot also supplies stats on the item being sold.  My favorites stats are Speed to First Woot (time it took for the first purchase to be made) and Woots by State.  They have a very active user forum which will probably answer any questions you have about the product before you can even ask.   If you want to see a list of recent products, check out the Community, where you can see previous days’ products and all of its comments.

Woot is especially fun when they have a Woot-Off, where they’ll sell a continuous stream of product, back to back for anywhere from 24-72 hours.   You never know when a Woot-Off will start or end so Wooters are constantly on their toes.  Woot occasionally sells “Random Crap” for $1.  Bags of Crap (BOC),  as they are nicknamed by Wooters, contain 3 items, usually junk but sometimes expensive items.  You can order up to 3 BOCs and get 9 items.  In your BOC you might get an iPod Nano case, camera bags, defective electronics, open items.  In the last BOC sale (on Nov 19) someone reported getting a Kodak digital camera without a battery and another person reported getting an Aerogarden that was missing the seed and nutrient packets. It’s fun to read what people report getting in their BOCs.

In recent years Woot has also started a few related sites.  There is Wine Woot, which sells a single selection of wine(s) or alcohol related items per week. I especially like Shirt Woot, where Woot posts a theme for the week and Wooters design a t-shirt around the theme.  Wooters vote on their favorite designs and at the end of the week the top 3 designs are made into shirts and sold.  The designer gets a cash prize and a cut of the proceeds.  On the other 4 days, Woot picks the shirts it sells.  Woot continues to produce and sell the 20 most popular selling shirts. This past year Woot added Kids Woot, selling a daily kid item.

I’ve made a few purchases on Woot, some refurbished MP3 players that I’ve been very happy with as well as a shirt.   If you’re in the market for some electronics, you might get lucky and find a good deal there.  Otherwise, just enjoy visiting the site and reading their silly product descriptions.  To learn more about Woot, visit this Wiki entry.


4 thoughts on “Have you ever Wooted at midnight?

  1. Ah, common misunderstanding: The BOC is one item for $1 – and you can order up to three items. And, you get some sort of container (the “bag”) with your order. I BOC’ed once. Got my crap in an old ZIP drive bag.

    • You’re right Karl Heinz, I misrepresented the Random Crap. In reading Wooters comments, I see that people usually get more than one item in their “Bag”. I guess I should have said people get at least one item in their BOC. Thanks for clarifying. 😉


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