The time is now

Back in June I blogged about recycling ink cartridges at Staples.  Staples normal policy is they will give you store credit (Staples Rewards) of $3 for every ink cartridge you recycle with them, up to 10 per calendar month.  Well they just upped the ante big time on that deal.Staples

From November 29 through December 19, 2009, Staples will double the credit they give you on the cartridges, to $6 per cartridge, when you buy $50 or more worth of ink at the same time you turn in your cartridges.  You will also earn 20% Staples Rewards, instead of the normal 10%, on the ink you buy.

My dad had just given me 10 ink cartridges to turn in since Office Depot doesn’t accept all of the cartridges he had (specifically he told me they don’t accept the Epson printer cartridges which I have been unable to verify).  He also needed a new pair of cartridges for one of his HP printers.  So when I recycled his cartridges I bought him some new ink (which came to about $48) and one Kodak cartridge for myself ($10).  I spent $58 plus tax, but will get back $60 for the recycled cartridges along with $11.60 in Staples Rewards for the purchase of the ink, $71.60 total.  This puts me ahead about $10!

Keep in mind that you won’t get your Staples Rewards payment until January, since they are paid out quarterly. If you’ve got cartridges to recycle, and you need ink, now is the time to turn them in at Staples.

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