Holiday movies

With the onslaught of holiday movie season starting there are probably some movies you don’t want to wait to see.  Generally our family waits for movies to come out on DVD before seeing them, but occasionally there are ones we want to enjoy at the theater.Cinemark Theatres

In Rochester, NY we are lucky to have Cinemark Movies 10 in Henrietta. Shows are $2, except for Friday and Saturday nights, when they are $2.50. They run a special on Mondays for 75 cents if you have 3 or more people. On Tuesdays, excluding holidays, all shows are $1. It is not the best theater in the area or the most comfortable but it’s hard to beat the price.  Movies at this theater will not be the latest, but usually are ones that will be coming out on DVD soon. So don’t expect to see the latest blockbuster here.  For a family of 4, you can save a significant amount of money but still treat your family to a nice theater event.

Next time the kids have a Monday off you can treat them to a show for less than the price of a regular ticket at another theater. Or you can take them to see a movie during the holidays.

Tell me about similar theaters you might know of in other cities.


4 thoughts on “Holiday movies

  1. Also check out The Cinema Theater on the corner of S. Goodman and S. Clinton Streets (957 Clinton Ave. So), across from the Highland Park diner. Movies cost $5 for an evening double feature. Seniors and students are $3, as are the afternoon matinees. Popcorn, pop and candy are reasonably priced so you don’t go broke on concessions. Parking is available across the street in the Wilson Farms lot watched over by security guards. Seats are comfortable, the sound system is good and there’s a baby room available (reserve it in advance) in case you want to get out and can’t get a baby-sitter.

    • Thanks Nancy. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Cinema. You can’t beat a theater with a baby room. Of course my kids are big enough I don’t need one. I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m itching to see a move.


  2. I live in San Francisco. Movie deals like that don’t happen here, that I know of. That sounds fun. I love watching movies at the theatres, but it seems a declining tradition since DVDs and internet sites that show movies have been around. There have been a lot of neighborhood theatres that have closed down here.

    • Ann

      It’s too expensive to take a family to the movies these days, even in Rochester, and even if you don’t get anything to eat. My kids understand that it’s a rare treat to go to the theater. It is nice to experience certain movies in the theater these days (that’s why I’m on GoFobo). For a treat, over the Thanksgiving holiday I took my daughter to see New Moon (the latest Twilight movie). The theater closest to us offers a deal that the first daily showing of a movie is $5, so we were able to see it for $10, which I consider a good deal for a just opened movie.

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