Try It, You Might Like It

So you want to try selling stuff online.  If you have CDs, movies (DVDs or VHS tapes), books or video games to unload then I’d suggest Half.comstarting with, a subsidiary of eBay, where sellers offer items at fixed prices.  You set the price you want to sell your item for. It’s easy to sell on Half since they supply the pictures and descriptions of each item and they accept credit card payments on your behalf. does not charge any fees to list items, but you will get charged a 15% commission on any sales you make.

To get started selling on Half you need to register for a free account, sign up to become a seller, supply a credit card number which is used for identity verification, and supply bank account information for direct deposit of sales proceeds.  Half details the steps here.

After becoming a seller on Half it is easy to list your items.  You will enter the UPC or ISBN number of the item you are selling and select the quality rating of the item from a list, anywhere from Brand New to Acceptable. supplies the general description of the item but you must supply a specific description of your item which supports the quality rating you chose.  I would suggest supplying as much detail as you can to make your item more desirable to a buyer.  Some examples of good item descriptions are:

  • Pages are clean and flat.  Spine is tight.  Book overall in very good condition. (Very Good)
  • Front cover is creased. First few pages also have creases but rest of book pages are clean and flat.  Spine is tight.  (Acceptable)
  • Disc is mint. Comes with original artwork and instruction booklet. (Like New)
  • Disc has surface scratches that don’t affect play.  Comes with instruction booklet and original artwork.  Front of case is cracked.  (Good)
  • Disc has surface scuffs and scratches.  Previous rental.  Comes in case with original artwork. (Good)

The next step is to set a price.  Look at current prices of items already listed on Half with the same quality as your item.  If you judge your CD to be of Very Good quality, look at the price range of all Very Good items listed.  Your item is more likely to sell if you price it closer to the low end of the range. For more detailed steps on listing items see here.

Once you have listed your item you will need to wait for a notification that your item has sold.   Once it has sold, you will need to ship your item within 3 business days.  (See here for details on fulfilling an order.) Package your item so it won’t get damaged in shipment (save those bubble mailers and small boxes).   If you have a digital postal scale to weigh the packaged item, you can print out a shipping label on your home printer and stick your item in your mailbox, if it fits.  If you don’t have a scale, you will have to take the item to your local post office to determine the postage. Half will pay you an allowance for shipping which may or may not cover the cost of your postage.  Twice a month, Half will deposit the proceeds (minus their commission) of your sales in your bank account, along with the shipping allowance.

Selling on is the easiest way to get started selling online.  Start listing those unwanted items today!


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