Aldi – Offering a Good Value

aldiHere in Rochester, NY we are lucky to have the Aldi chain of low-priced, value grocery stores.  If you haven’t checked one out yet I highly suggest you visit a store near you.

Aldi stores are small, so they don’t carry as many items as your superstore (about 1400 items vs thousands in your typical grocery store) but that means you can usually get in and out much quicker.  Aldi usually only carries one brand of an item, typically their house brand, but that means you get a good price on that item.  The cash registers don’t have scales, so all produce items are packaged and priced or are priced per item (e.g. 49¢ for a peach or $1.69 for a 2 lb. package of grapes).

I have found that the quality of items is very good, though sometimes the produce can get a little picked over.  Aldi is a great source of staple items like flour, sugar, cream cheese, eggs, etc.  I usually visit my Aldi store weekly, to pick up any specials or to stock up on basics. Aldi usually runs a 1-2 page flyer in the Sunday paper, featuring seasonal items and any specials for the week.

Because Aldi is a no-frills store, it means that you have to pay for bags or you can bring your own.   Or you can use one of the empty boxes leftover from stocking the shelves.  You will also need to pay a quarter to use a shopping cart, but you will get your 25¢ back when you return the cart.  Some days you may have to wait in line a bit to check out, but I’ll gladly do that to save money.  The cashiers do not bag your items, they only put them in the cart.  This saves time during checkout.  They also don’t accept credit cards and I don’t think they accept checks either.  I usually pay cash or use my debit card.  I have no complaint since this keeps the price down as well.

Some of my favorite items at Aldi’s that I keep going back for (prices may vary seasonally and by region):

  • Flat leaf spinach 9 oz – $1.69
  • Mangoes – $.99
  • Tortilla chips 13 oz – $.99
  • Cream cheese 8 oz. – $.99
  • Sliced cheese (Swiss, Pepper Jack, Muenster, etc.) 8 oz. – $1.69
  • Blocks of cheese (Colby Jack, Cheddar, etc.) 8 oz. – $1.29
  • Dozen eggs – $.89
  • Cookie Dough (Snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, Oatmeal Craisin, etc.) – $1.99
  • Packaged pasta sides – $.66

I especially like visiting the freezer case where I can find marked down frozen items, priced to move. One day they were trying to move their hamburger and hot dog rolls and they were selling them for 10¢ for a package of 8 (and no they weren’t near their expiration date)!

If you are trying to save money, you can’t afford to not visit Aldi. Does anyone know of similar chains in other parts of the country?


7 thoughts on “Aldi – Offering a Good Value

  1. I am now an Aldi addict!! I’ve been shopping there for four weeks now and am still stunned at the fact that i’ve reduced my weekly grocery bill by almost 50%..REALLY!! I still need to buy a few items at my former favorite grocery store (Publix), but have found that the quality of the foods to be very high, fresh, tasty, and every bit as good as the comparable products i was purchasing at Publix for double the price…LOVE the Fit and Active line of yogurts, soy milk, and other healthful selections. The dairy prices are outstanding and each week there are a couple of good bargains on produce. As a single person I’ve reduced my weekly grocery bill from 50-55 bucks, down to around 28 – 32 bucks at ALDI..I’m hooked!!

    • I know I shop at Aldi at least once a week now. I’m also buying a larger portion of my groceries at Aldi than I used to. It definitely helps the bottom line. It sounds like you are enjoying saving money.


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  3. I want to say this first. If you think you are high-end and up-scale for shopping for brand names, then you should look. I am FRUGAL not CHEAP and there is a big difference. Too many people think that if they shop at an Aldi’s store they are broke. Too bad for them since it’s more money in the bank for me. This place is great and has the best canned line products for things I would use. As she said above me, why worry about a line or a shopping cart charge. I return my shopping cars eithter way since that is the polite thing to do. I save tons of money with ALDI. I eat more cheese than a mouse and the dairy/cheese prices can’t be matched. I get all my canned goods here as well as they are all most likely made at the same Dole/Mott’s plant that make the brand names you pay more for. I never complain if there is a long line or what not. I know I’m getting a great deal and understand why the prices are so great. I go here every week and if you know how to save money and invest, you may too.

    • Jermey

      I totally agree with you on being frugal. Why waste money when you don’t have to. It’s the smart thing to do. I also agree about putting your carts away. I do it to be considerate not because I’m cheap enough to want my quarter back.


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