They say it’s your birthday!

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

One of the cool things about having a birthday and growing older is that some restaurants actually reward you for it.  We all know restaurants that do this for children, but did you know there are some dining establishments that do this for adults?

My favorite birthday deal is Red Robin’s eClub, which will give you a coupon for a free burger (including fries) to celebrate your special day.  That deal is worth about $10!  Sign up the whole family.

Here are some more good birthday deals:

  • Moe’s Southwest Grill offer’s a free burrito on your birthday when you register your email with Moe’s eWorld.
  • Friendly’s birthday club – you get a free sundae for enrolling (with the purchase of a meal) and special deals on your birthday.
  • Famous Dave’s Bar-b-que offers a free treat on your birthday if you join their P.I.G. club.

Check into whether your favorite restaurants have special deals on your special day.  You usually have a 1-2  week period in which to use your birthday coupon, so you can go out and celebrate more than once.  Most restaurants make you pre-register online to get the birthday treat so be sure to do this weeks in advance of your birthday.  Sometimes the companies will reward you for registering by giving you a discount, free appetizer or dessert.

Do you know about other restaurants that reward you for getting older?


15 thoughts on “They say it’s your birthday!

    • Well some of the places, like Red Robin, give you 2 weeks to get your burger. So if you spread everything out you can go out to eat a lot in the course of 2 weeks. Enjoy!

  1. Hey Michele,
    I didn’t know you were writing a blog til today. I found this interesting…my birthday was 10/4….if I had read this when you first wrote it, I would have tried to slip in under the wire.

    • Sorry you missed it Kathleen. I just missed Karl Heinz with this blog. My husband’s birthday is 10/3 so you are practically birthday buddies.

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    • I seem to get a lot of hits because of that post I did on restaurants that treat you on your birthday. LOL

  3. an added line to the success and opportunity family poem:

    tet acquainted with the “old man” and you’ll get along pretty well with the rest of the family!

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