An Even Sweeter Deal in Hershey

I’ve already written about Hershey Park and the Sweet Deal I got. If you go to Hershey be sure to visit Hershey’s Chocolate World, which is located right next to the park.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is FREE. Since it is located right next to Hershey Park and the parking is shared, they offer 2 hours of free parking to enjoy Chocolate World. The best part of Chocolate World is the Great American Chocolate Tour ride, which offers insight into the chocolate making process. The ride takes you through different parts of the “factory” to show you how chocolate is made. One of my favorite parts of the tour comes when you reach the area where the chocolate comes together, there is the distinctive, tantalizing aroma of chocolate in the air. The best part of the tour is at the end when they hand out free samples of Hershey chocolate. On our recent trip we got samples of the new Hershey Chocolate Meltaway Kisses. Hershey Chocolate Meltaway Kisses

We went on the Chocolate Tour ride four times since it was free and there was never really much of a line. Chocolate World was open 1 hour later than the park during our visit, so we visited after leaving the park both nights.

At the end of the tour you exit into the Hershey Marketplace Stores which holds all sorts of sweet treats made by Hershey, and items which you might not find in your local store. For example they were selling bags of 18″ Twizzlers which I have never seen in the store. They have numerous restaurants and cafes where you can taste more sweet treats.

If you are going to Hershey Park, then plan on visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World for an even sweeter deal.


2 thoughts on “An Even Sweeter Deal in Hershey

  1. Thanks Michelle.
    This will definitely be a place I will try and take my kids to.
    Keep the tips and suggestions coming. They are excellent.


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