Expensive Calculators

Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus

Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus

This might be a little late for those of you whose children might already have started school. Here in Rochester, NY most kids return to school on September 8.

If your child is going into high school, they may need one of those expensive graphing calculators for math.  I had already decided I wasn’t going to pay $100 for a graphing calculator.   Amazon shows the list price as $149.95!  Heck, for a few hundred more I could get a netbook.

My son needed a Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus for 9th grade math.  My husband spotted a TI-84 Plus in the Walmart ad for “only” $99.  He said I should go check it out.  It didn’t sound like such a good deal to me, even for Walmart. I immediately went online to Ebay to check out prices.  I found that used TI-83 Pluses were going for about $50-60.  I also checked out Craigslist

Sure enough I found some on Craigslist, though they were running about $10-20 higher than Ebay. I even found someone in my town who was offering one for $60.  I contacted her and said that they were going for $50 on Ebay and I’d prefer to buy local, could she knock the price down to $55?  She countered with an offer of $50!   I had it within a day.

Don’t just jump on the first price that sounds good.  With a little bit of homework you can potentially save some significant bucks.  I’d recommend taking the same approach for college textbooks, though I know it’s a little late for that.

When my son is done with the calculator his sister will use it.  After that, I will sell it on Craigslist or Ebay and try to recoup some of my costs.  In the end, I hope I’m only out about $20 for it.


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