I’ll do it myself

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Our 2005 Dodge Caravan needed a New York State inspection this month so we took it to our local garage.    It’s had some brake problems so we knew that might be an issue.  The garage called to tell us that our back brakes needed to be replaced.  The garage quoted us a price of $350.

My husband, who does a lot of work on our cars himself, questioned why the price was so high.  When they told him the  details of the price he thought there was a significant markup (~50%) on the parts over what he would pay as a retail customer.  The garage was charging us about double their wholesale cost of the parts.  My husband figured he could do it himself for about $180.  He told the service manager he’d do it himself and he’d come get the car.

Five minutes after hanging up the phone rang again.  It was the service manager saying that they had a technician available with no work.  They could work out a deal.  The service manager offered to do the job for $200!

It wasn’t my husbands intention to get the garage  to knock the price down so much, but when they made that offer he jumped on  it.

One thought on “I’ll do it myself

  1. Michelle,
    Good tip. It doesn’t hurt to try and negotiate. Many things ARE negotiable or open to discounts that we don’t know because we don’t ask. It never hurts to ask for a discount. I have received more discounts during these economic times than I have ever before.
    Thanks Michelle.

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