It’s free…take it

One thing I always recommend people do when having a garage sale is giving some stuff away for FREE.  Yes I said FREE.  Why do you want to do this?

Oh yes! It's FREE
  1. If people won’t take items that are free, then you know you probably won’t be able to sell them for money.
  2. Put your free stuff at the end of the driveway with a big FREE sign.  That will get people to stop who might just have driven by.  That FREE word is mighty tempting.
  3. In your ads for your garage sale say that you have FREE stuff.  Again, this will attract more people to visit your sale.
  4. People feel good when they get stuff for FREE and are more apt to buy something else from you.
  5. This is a good way to get rid of stuff you just want gone.  In my FREE pile you’ll find items like (and I have put all of these types of items in my pile at one time or other):
  • coloring books with some pages colored in them
  • toys from fast food restaurants
  • t-shirts advertising companies, events, etc.
  • out of styleclothing that is still useful
  • clothing that may have a small stain or needs a bit of sewing
  • ugly tablecloths
  • beat up kids books that are still readable
  • pair of skis and boots (no one will buy these in the summer)
  • old paint (saves you from having to take it somewhere to dispose of it)
  • old computer monitors (saves you from having to take it somewhere to recycle it)
  • satellite dish
  • broken VCR
  • VHS tapes
  • games or toys with a few parts missing
  • old coffee table with a marred finish
  • carved chair legs
  • posters that are a little bit beat up
  • old drinking glasses or dishes
  • old computer games
  • other items that you don’t want to throw out because they probably have use to someone

At my last garage sale, the FREE box disappeared sometime during the day (I’m assuming someone wanted everything in it and took the whole thing with them).  I had to start a new one.  Usually as the garage sale progresses I take items I’m selling for 10 or 25 cents and start moving them into the free box.

You don’t have to have a garage sale to give away items for FREE.  Just put them at the end of your driveway on any day with a FREE sign and more than likely they will disappear.  My girlfriend Lori does this all the time to get rid of stuff she doesn’t want.  Saves her a trip to donate items.

At the end of the garage sale, leave whatever FREE stuff you have sitting at the end of the driveway for a few days and hopefully most if not all of it will get taken.   After that, you can assume whatever is left is junk and you should just toss it (or safely dispose of it if it is considered potentially hazardous waste).

Everyone wins when you give stuff away for FREE!!!

7 thoughts on “It’s free…take it

  1. Practical advice that should be useful to anyone with too much stuff around. Here is a different spin on the idea. YOu just helped me to avoid small garage sales with “free stuff” signs in front.

    • Marc

      Just go to and sign up for an account. It’s easy to get started. I picked up WordPress for Dummies from the Library to get me over a few questionable areas. It’s pretty easy. I highly recommend trying it.


      • I’m glad to help. That is my goal with my blog. Even if it was not quite what I intended.

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