Weigh it carefully

If you’re going to be selling online, I highly recommend investing in a postal scale. With a scale, you can estimate shipping costs and print postage from home, saving you many trips to the Post Office (PO).

Before I had a scale, I would wait until I had a group of items to sell and then I would make a run to the PO to use their scale to weigh and mark each package.  I would have to make another trip to the Post Office to mail items that were too large for my mailbox.  If a buyer purchases more than one item, then I would make a trip to the PO just to find out how much combined shipping would be.   In order to retain my good ratings on Ebay, I would try to make a trip to the PO the day after I received payment, leading to multiple trips to the PO in a short span of time. This can start to add up, depending upon your distance from the PO and the price of gas.

I bought my first scale, a Digiweigh, on Ebay for selling items on Ebay.  I used it for about 6 months before I started to have problems and eventually it completely failed.  It was under warranty so I sent it to the manufacturer to get fixed.   This whole process took so long that I decided I needed another scale in the meantime.  This turned out to be a good idea as the scale came back from the manufacturer as dead on arrival (it appears that all they did was ship me a new one).  I decided that two failed scales probably indicated I should try a different brand.

I did a little more research on my second scale wanting to avoid reliability issues.  I also the next one on Ebay but I’ve had much better luck with it.  This scale improves upon the Digiweigh because it has a detachable face plate that comes in handy when you are weighing boxes that are much larger than the small footprint of the scale.  Many of these scales can weigh items 35 lbs. and up.    Here is a little more info on Ultraship Digital Postal Scales.  You can get a decent postal scale that weighs items up to 35 lbs. starting at about $25-30 on Ebay.  Keep in mind the weight of items you plan on shipping to determine the best scale for you.

Most of the items I sell online are small so I can weigh them at home, print my shipping label and drop them right in my mailbox or in a postal box.  When you weigh items at home and print a United States Post Office shipping label, you  can potentially get discounted shipping. You will also get a tracking number that helps ensure your package arrives promptly.  When you send the tracking number to your buyers, they can be assured their package is on the way and track its progress.

We also use our scale to weigh packages sent to family and friends and print the postage at home.  These scales are relatively small, about 8x9x3″.  I highly recommend investing in a scale if you plan on selling or swapping items online, especially  if you are not close to the post office.  You can also ask the Post Office to pick up large packages from your home at no cost.  Why waste time and gas making extra trips to the PO?

Can anyone recommend another brand of postal scales that they’ve had luck with?


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