Picture It

When I have bunches of similar items that I want to sell I have a very effective way to do it.  I got this idea from a woman who was trying to sell some leftovers from her garage sale and she posted a link to an online photo album showing the individual items along with prices.

For example, I just listed a bunch of books for sale on Craigslist and the Rochester Online Classifieds (ROC).  I took pictures of all of the items I am selling.  Using free Kodak EasyShare software I added captions to all of the pictures that include the price of the item(s) pictured and a description, including the condition of the item(s).  I then uploaded the pictures to an online Kodak Gallery album.  In my listing on Craigslist and ROC I include a link to the online album.

The benefits of using an online photo album are:

  • Unlimited pictures (Craigslist limits you to 4 pictures and ROC limits you to 400k total email size)
  • Better picture quality.  Craigslist downsizes pictures so the quality is not as good and ROC limits you to only small pics
  • Buyers are more apt to buy multiple items if they see them altogether
  • As items are sold, you only need to remove the pictures from the album so the listing is still valid and requires minimal work.
  • If you have additional items you want to sell, you only need to add a picture to the online album.
  • It makes it easier to repost your listing as you do not need to attach pictures again to an updated listing.

You can use any online photo hosting site that lets you create albums to share.   Besides Kodak Gallery, you can use  Flickr or Picasa Web albums.

Tip:   It is best if you can reduce the size of the pictures before uploading them to your album.  It make for faster uploading.  I usually do this using photo editing software.  I like to use IrfanView,  or you can use Picasa, both of which are free for personal use. You may also want to crop the pictures as well as reducing them.

For a couple of examples of my online sale albums see:

Note: All of the websites I mention in this post are free, with the exception of Kodak Gallery.  Kodak Gallery requires a yearly minimal purchase ($5+) to host pictures.

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