I Deliver

In preparation for the upcoming garage sale I had my kids go through their books one more time to get rid of any they didn’t want anymore.  They came up with quite a few.  I grouped them by series, took pictures and posted them up on Craigslist and another local online classifieds, Rochester Classifieds Online, both of which are free.  I got a quick response from a number of people.

I live in a suburb on the west side of town, Chili.  The Rochester Classifieds Online (RCO) was started by a gentleman who works at Xerox in a suburb on the east side of town, Webster.  Many of the people who use RCO live and work on the east side of town, which is about 30 minutes from where I live.  I generally do not like to drive to Webster just to sell someone something for $5 and likewise they don’t want to drive out my way just to buy something for $5.  Right now I belong to a gym in Henrietta, a suburb south of Rochester.  So when I advertise items for sale I list both Chili and Henrietta as my location, which opens up my market to more people.

Thursday I went to Henrietta to work out and then completed 6 sales.  One woman met me in the parking lot of my gym.  One buyer worked at a furniture store. Three buyers worked at Xerox in Henrietta.  I delivered one set of books to a  woman who works in a bank office in Henrietta.  So in the span of one hour and about 3 miles, I made 6 deliveries and sold $112 worth of books!  Two of the people I sold items to were repeat customers.

By delivering right to people’s doorsteps I gained the following benefits:

  • I demonstrated great customer service by delivering right to people’s doorsteps
  • I did this on a schedule that was convenient to me
  • no one needed to come to my house, so I didn’t need to hand out my address

So I can truthfully say, I DELIVER great customer service.


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