Am I Crazy?!

I had a garage sale with a bunch of friends at my house in early May.  It was pretty successful. We made over $900 combined!  After the sale I donated some of the toys and books to a local teacher who was going to give them to needy students in the school where she worked.  I gave some clothing and household items to my mom to give to her church that regularly sends items to Nicaragua for the needy. So I was left with items I felt stll had value and a chance of maybe selling online.  Those items went back into my basement.

My sister was having a garage sale today and tomorrow, so I packed all of my leftovers up to the ceiling of my minivan (with back seats removed) to take to her house about 20+ minutes away.  I  set up shop.    It was a very slow day, so we made about $140 between us (of course the big thunderstorm/hailstorm in the middle of the afternoon didn’t help business).  I’ll probably be bringing back 80%+ of what I brought out to her house.  I’m still trying to figure out why we didn’t do that well.  I think the fact that she only advertised online and with a few street signs hurt our traffic.

Last weekend I got a flyer from some neighbors who want to have a neighborhood garage sale in 2 weeks.  I’m seriously considering participating.  I figure I can just leave the stuff in the garage when I bring it back home tomorrow.  It won’t be that much work to set everything up for a sale.  Am I crazy?  Or just addicted to making that sale and the satisfaction of getting rid of things.  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Am I Crazy?!

  1. You’re not crazy at all. It’s very liberating to de-clutter, and even more so when you can make some money and help people.

    I agree, you sister probably needed more advertising. As much as I love online listings, I think the average garage sale customer is still a little old fashioned and may be looking for newspaper ads and signs. Just my 2¢, and it hasn’t stopped me from developing my own mapping site.

    BTW, if you want to put your neighborhood sales on my site, I can put them all on together, and even give you a link to a separate, printable map that you can hand out at your sale (or post links to on other classified sites like craigslist). You can find that link at (it’s free)

    • Thanks for your offer of the map, but our neighborhood is pretty small and we don’t even know who all is participating and where they live. We’re hoping to make this an annual event, in which case we’d love to have something like that.

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