Don’t throw that $3 in the garbage

I’m sure lots of you have heard that you can recycle your old ink cartridges.  Did you know that you can get up to a $30 rebate in Staples gift certificates per month?   You can trade in up to 10 ink cartridges each month.  Staples website says they only take HP, Dell or Lexmark brands of cartridges, but when I did it in May, they said they took all brands of cartridges, even ones that normally don’t get recycled, like my Kodak cartridges.  I traded in 10 cartridges (I had saved them up for a while) and about  4 weeks later I got my gift certificate in the mail.

Keep in mind that the gift certificate has an expiration date on it so you will need to use it within about a month.    I waited until knew I had something to buy to turn in my empty cartridges.  I used my $30 certificate to buy a $15 Kodak color ink cartridge and two $10 Kodak black ink cartridges.  My three ink cartridges ended up costing me $5 + tax.   What a deal for very little work.  See if you have lazy friends and family who will give you their empty cartridges to turn in.

For info on the Staples program see their website:

The next time your printer runs out of ink, don’t throw the cartridge in the garbage, take it to Staples.


4 thoughts on “Don’t throw that $3 in the garbage

  1. Michele,
    Not everyone understands that managing our finances is a two sided effort.
    Saving money is just as important as making money.
    A four year old may understand this but ask a rich lawyer and you might be surprised.
    I consider some of them to be amongst the J.O.B. group (just over broke) only at a higher level.
    I’ll be sure to ask my lazy friends for their cartridges.

    • Of course if you are not wanting to take the trouble to take them to Staples to get your $3, I would suggest recycling them. There are many places, including the local Wegman’s grocery stores, that have recycling boxes. Your local church or school might also collect them.

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