Determining a goal for your sale

Maybe, like me, you are trying to get some extra cash for spending or maybe you are having a garage sale to raise money for a good cause.   You can price everything cheap hoping to sell most of your items or you can choose to ask more money for quality items that are in good shape.  I’ve seen people practically give things away (clothing items for 10 cents!  I bought a garbage bag full at that price).   I’ve noticed that if people price their items higher, if they are good quality items, then they still sell.

If your goal is really to get rid of things so you won’t be left with much, then price everything to move.  I also recommend giving things away for free.  (More about this in a future post.)  If you can’t give it away then it’s probably not worth anything and probably should be thrown away, though not always.

Of course you always have the option to start with high prices and lower them as time goes on.  Whatever you decide will affect your pricing.


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