Getting started – garage sale season


I thought I’d get started with garage sales as my first topic since it is that time of year.   I have lots of tips and tricks that I’ll spread out over multiple blogs.  I had a sale a few weeks ago and we brought in $900 in 2 days!

Let’s start with garage sale preparation.  There are many things you need to do to get ready.  I’ll cover a high level view today and follow with more details on some of the topics.

Things you need to do to get ready for a garage sale (click on the links below to see more detail on each topic):

  • Pick a date
  • Decide if you want to do it by yourself or invite friends or family or even invite the neighborhood to participate
  • Determine a goal for your sale: are you trying to maximize your dollars or are you trying to get rid of stuff or are you somewhere in between. This will somewhat determine your pricing strategy.
  • Determine a location for your garage sale – do it at someone else’s house, do it at a community event (like your local church) or at a public place (like the public market)
  • Gather your items together in one place and decide how you are going to group and display them
  • Figure out how to advertise your sale: signs, classified listing, online listing
  • Gather supplies you need for displaying your items, such as tables, boxes or totes, clothing racks, or even canopy tents for covering items outside that might be subject to the weather

7 thoughts on “Getting started – garage sale season

  1. I like your garage sale articles. I hadn’t thought much about the date issue, but it’s certainly something to consider. And for me, my garage sales are almost always about purging junk, rather than making money. (I get my “money for stuff” by buying textbooks at garage sales and reselling them on Amazon.)

    If you don’t mind, I’m gonna plug my garage sale listing/mapping site here: where folks can list their garage sale for free, and it goes on an easy-to-print map with directions to each sale and everything.

    • Valerie,

      Feel free to plug your site. Next time I have a sale, I’ll be sure to post it on your site. I love “free” stuff.


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